Guarantor Case Examples

Guarantor Case Examples

  • case01

    Kyoto University Student. Kyoto University Exchange Students Housing Guarantor System.

    The university's guarantor system is available to exchange students and research fellows of Kyoto University. I searched the Housenetwork for housing that are covered by Kyoto University Exchange Students Housing Guarantor System, and had the University be my guarantor to find housing. The guarantor system will be a guarantor when you will live alone or with family, and also when you are looking to share with other Kyoto University students.

  • case02

    Doshisha University Graduate School student. No guarantor. Only emergency contact.

    I found housing before arriving in Japan. Because the university dormitory was not available to me, I selected housing that is near the university and required only an emergency contact and no guarantor. The broker sent me the housing layout and images by email, so I was able to make a decision with ease.

  • case03

    Kyoto University of Art and Design. I used University Consortium Kyoto.

    I am from Tokyo and I selected an apartment that is within 10 minutes by bicycle from school. When I consulted with the school, I learned that there is a system by which University Consortium Kyoto can be your guarantor, so I used their service. I had Housenetwork locate apartments for which this guarantor system can be used, and I was able to rent a room even without having a Japanese guarantor.

  • case04

    Kyoto Seika University Student. University was my guarantor.

    Because I was taking Japanese classes at Kyoto University, I selected housing that will allow me to commute to both locations. I was able to find a place easily because the University was my guarantor. I selected a place near Karasuma subway line, and I commute to my Japanese classes by bicycle. Because you can get to everywhere by bicycle, Kyoto is convenient.

  • case05

    Ritsumei University Student. I used a guarantor company.

    I selected housing through a guarantor company. I had trouble finding a place that I liked, so I went to a few real estate brokers. Among them, I was pleased with the housing that Housenetwork showed me. I was unable to use the Guarantor System, but I was able to find a place through a guarantor company after I passed their credit check. I am glad that I compared many real estate brokers.

  • case06

    Japanese course student. I used a guarantor company.

    I selected a Japanese school before arriving in Japan through a broker. This school would not be my guarantor, so I selected an apartment for which I can use a guarantor company. I had a Japanese friend who I met be my emergency contact, and I passed the guarantor company's credit check. I had a hard time finding a place, but I am happy with the place that I found.

  • Case07

    Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language. Guarantor was the Institute.

    It was my first time in Japan, and I was able to find a place using only English. I found a place on the internet before arriving in Japan, and made an application. The Japanese school was my guarantor, so I was able to rent without any problems. I stayed in a hotel for the first 3 days of arriving in Japan, and I was able to move into my apartment on day 4. Housenetwork also took care of my water, electricity, and gas, so I had to deal with no complex applications.

  • case08

    Kyoto University Employee. Tokuyuchin requires only a guarantor company and emergency contact.

    My new university job started, and I applied for Tokuyuchin which requires no gurantor or key money. The university provided me with proof of income statement, and I asked my Japanese colleague to be only my emergency contact. I selected Tokuyuchin apartments, which require no guarantor and is subsidized by the city of Kyoto. My apartment was a 3LDK which is spacious, and I was able to rent an apartment cheaper than the market prices.

  • case09

    Working Holiday. Guarantor was my sponsor.

    I was able to find a place using my English and was relieved. My guarantor was my sponsor for my coming to Japan. I initially lived with a host family, and I wanted to live on my own so I found a place. I told housenetwork of my housing preferences, looked at some places, and selected the best one.