How do I go about finding housing? What are the tips on housing search?

1. What are the tips on housing search?

  • In japan, rent only covers the rental unit.

    In japan, when you rent housing, the indicated rent only covers the unit.

  • Initial cost is typically 4 to 7 months of rent.

    In addition to rent, there are other fees including broker fee, fire insurance, security depost, key money, and key replacement cost.

  • A 1K apartment is not for 2 people.

    In japan, 1K units allow only 1 person to live on the premises.Look for 1DK, 2K or larger one if you will live with 2 or more people, such as friends or family.

  • You will need a guarantor if you will rent a house.

    Generally, in this case, your guarantor will be a university professor or you will use the school or institution's guarantor system. Some may require a guarantor company, so ask your broker on the detail.

2. Why rent prices vary?

  • Space.

    The more space the housing, the higher the rent. In Kyoto, for one person, apartment size is usually 6 to 8 jo.

  • Facilities.

    Prices vary depending on whether the bathroom and toilette are together or separate. Japanese prefer the separate type.

  • Distance.

    Prices vary according to conveniences, for example, closeness to stations and schools.

  • Sunlight and floor on building.

    In Kyoto, balcony facing south or balcony facing east is popular. Units on the second or higher floors have good sunlight, and are popular.

3. Flow When Renting Housing

Foreigners who want to rent housing Real estate agent
1 A:Find rental housing using Internet House Network information site.
If you fing housing that mutches your requirements, contact House Network.
B:Visit House Network in the neighborhood.
2 Communicate your requirements for rental housing and othe information. Show you housing information that fit your requirements.
Go to look at the rental housing
3 If you want to contact us for the rental housing, fill out the tenant application.
4 Pay booking fee( one month rent and agency fee) Impoetant points explanation Provide an explanation of the terms of the contract.
5 Sign the contract and pay the required fees, including the security deposit, key money, insurance, and common service fee.
6 An original copy of the contract is retained by the leaser and renter.
7 Receive the key to the housing and move in.